Syndet Cube Pure Mignon Box


For oily and impure skin

A beauty ritual, a love treatment to regain smooth and velvety skin, a new sensation of freshness and cleanliness. This is Pure.

PURE is the solid cleanser specially designed as an adjuvant in the cosmetic treatment of oily and seborrheic acne-prone skin.

PURE performs a valid skin purifying action with a tonic and astringent effect, reducing excessive sebaceous secretion
A gentle but effective cleansing. Eliminates excess sebum by promoting natural and physiological skin oxygenation, leaving a feeling of freshness.

Box of 12 pcs of 25 g.

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For a clean and free skin

The beauty of the skin also comes from health.

This is why Pure was born, the soap for oily and seborrheic skin by Choix that helps fight acne.

Especially thanks to oatmeal which, thanks to its high anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, absorbs excess sebum and promotes oxygenation. Result? A fresh, luminous, soft skin.

Salicylic acid and thymol perform a skin-purifying action and help reduce excessive sebaceous secretion thanks to the tonic and astringent effect.

To complete this magical alchemy, thymol has been added, an excellent refreshing to take care of your skin.

How to use

Choix cleansing block you can use it as a SOAP for face and body, it is ideal for use as an alternative to liquid cleansers, perfect as a SHAMPOO or SHOWER product.

Wet a stick under running water. Rotate it in your hands until a creamy foam forms, then distribute it evenly on face, body and hair. Gently massage and rinse with warm water.

After use, store on a dry surface .

The ergonomic shape allows a perfect, simple and effective use of the Choix block.

A 150 g Choix block is sufficient for at least 90/120 washes.