Terms of Sales

The following are the terms and conditions governing the sale of products marketed by www.choix.it. All the purchase agreements settled through this web site shall be governed by these terms and conditions which are an integral and substantial part of the agreement. The consumer is requested to read carefully the conditions at the time of each purchase at www.choix.it. By accepting delivery of the purchased products, the customer confirms the acceptance of the terms of sale mentioned below. Rota Eugenio, owner of the web site www.choix.it reserves the right to change without any notice these terms of sale. Possible new rules will be effective from the time they are posted on the web site www.choix.it and they will be applied to sales settled from that time.


The company responsible of the ONLINE SHOP service and owner of the website www.choix.it and products supplier is:
EXTE‘ co. di Rota Eugenio
Via Cesare Cantù 44
22060 Novedrate Como – ITALY
Tel. +39 031.792061 – Fax +39 031.792575
P.IVA 02349300133 C.F. RTO GNE 62T27 E591O
Reg. Impr. Como 215277/96

Purchase Process

accettazione dell‘ordine e conclusione del contratto

Order acceptance and conclusion of the contract

The purchase of products will be completed through these steps:
-Selection of products in the required quantities through the “cart” method.
-Check of the content of your purchase as regards quantities, price and shipping costs in the “final summary”.
-Compilation of personal data and shipping address of goods and subscription of the consent to the processing of personal information (pursuant to art. 10 DL 185/1999)for the only purposes to conclude and complete the sales agreement.
-Payment by using one of the listed methods in the paragraph “Payments”
-Confirmation of the on-line order

At this point, once we have verified the customer’s receipt of payment, within 24 hours, Exte ‘Co. will provide the shipment of the products to the address indicated in the purchase order.

In the event of impossibility, even temporarily, to fulfill the whole or a part of the order , Rota Eugenio will immediately send an e-mail in order to make new arrangements with the consumer, at the option of parceling out the order into multiple shipments receiving in the meantime the goods already available without any charge to the customer, or the option to wait for the entire availability of the ordered goods. In case of partial fulfillment of the order, the consumer can avail himself of the opportunity to request the cancellation of the balance of the order.It being understood that possible shipping costs will obviously be calculated on the new amount and that they will not be considered free if you do not reach the minimum orders threshold. Alternatively, choosing between the methods declared in the section “Refund”, you also have the possibility to cancel the whole order and to be refund of the full paid amount. .


The characteristics of the products are shown in the online catalog and are visible during the selection and confirmation of the order before the forwarding procedure follow out.