Syndet Cube Solaris


For tanned skin

Care your skin, enjoy your summer by the sea and protect your tan with Solaris, a soap capable of giving an immediate feeling of well-being.

SOLARIS is the solid cleanser with beta carotene specific for skin that has been exposed to the sun

SOLARIS is formulated to naturally maintain and prolong the tan by maintaining the physiological hydration of the superficial skin layer.

A gentle cleansing for a feeling of well-being and freshness.

Format of 150 g.

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Summer on your skin

Vacation, sun, sea, relaxation and a lot of well-being.

You are on holiday? Take care of your tan with Solaris, the beta-carotene soap for skin that has been exposed to the sun or UVA and UVB tanning lamps.

Solaris is dedicated to suntan lovers: it naturally prolongs the tan and gives the flavor of a perennial summer.

Skin care is guaranteed by the moisturizing action of the superficial skin layer, the emollient properties of St. John’s wort oil and the anti-inflammatory qualities of aloe vera protect and give a feeling of well-being.

How to use

Choix cleansing block you can use it as a SOAP for face and body, it is ideal for use as an alternative to liquid cleansers, perfect as a SHAMPOO or SHOWER product.

Wet a stick under running water. Rotate it in your hands until a creamy foam forms, then distribute it evenly on face, body and hair. Gently massage and rinse with warm water.

After use, store on a dry surface .

The ergonomic shape allows a perfect, simple and effective use of the Choix block.

A 150 g Choix block is sufficient for at least 90/120 washes.