Syndet Cube Plume Mignon Box


Sensitive and delicate skin

From the blow of a feather a creamy and delicate foam is born to give pampering and attention to those you love. It only takes a moment to love Plume’s touch.

PLUME is the solid cleanser designed for delicate skin cleansing, also suitable for the most delicate skins such as those of children.

PLUME performs a delicate cleansing in respects the skin microbiome and normal physiological conditions.

Sweet as the touch of a feather, it does not alter the hydrolipidic balance and gives the skin a feeling of well-being.

Box of 12 pcs of 25 g.

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Soft cuddles for the skin

The main aggressive agent against your skin? The soap.

This is why we have studied Plume, a cleanser for sensitive skin and in need of attention such as those of children.

This solution, as sweet as the touch of a feather, does not alter the hydrolipidic balance and gives the skin a feeling of well-being.

But not only that: purified oats have a cleansing action and find the right synergy with vegetable oils that have a greasing action for dry and dehydrated skin.

Do you need a soap capable of cleansing and perfuming the skin without attacking it? Your search is over.

How to use

Choix cleansing block you can use it as a SOAP for face and body, it is ideal for use as an alternative to liquid cleansers, perfect as a SHAMPOO or SHOWER product.

Wet a stick under running water. Rotate it in your hands until a creamy foam forms, then distribute it evenly on face, body and hair. Gently massage and rinse with warm water.

After use, store on a dry surface .

The ergonomic shape allows a perfect, simple and effective use of the Choix block.

A 150 g Choix block is sufficient for at least 90/120 washes.

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