The Company EXTE' Co.

Behind Choix Syndet Cube products there is a company that has a special commitment. Indeed, a mission: to pamper and scent your skin with a special soap. Choix was born through the thirtieth experience of Exte ‘Co., a company operating in the field of cosmetic products and specialized in soaps for beauty salons, SPA and wellness.

Our core business is the research. A team of professionals is dedicated every day in experimentation with new solutions: in this way we can give a different soul to our soaps, improving and adapting them to your needs.

You can find the soaps you have always dreamed in Choix Syndet Cube package: a concentrate of perfume and pampering for your skin to bring always and everywhere with you, to use at home or travelling, after a massage or a break in the turkish bath.

The Soaps

Choix Syndet Cube is a return to origins, a tribute to the purity, a soap that offers a wellness experience.

Quality is everything for Kare, Caresse, Solaris, Pure, Plume: 5 different soaps produced by a company that has as its mission the most advanced cosmetic research.

Our knowledge and our research is at your service.

It is time to dedicate some attention to your skin and your needs, because there is nothing more precious than health and well-being.

Try our products, you will not get along without.